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Our goal at the Shamika Walker Foundation is to inform the public and save lives globally through cancer prevention and early detection. Our vision is to Stop Cervical Cancer and HPV Before It Starts!                                                           

The Shamika Walker Foundation advocates and supports the prevention and early detection of cancer through Research, Education, Outreach and Advocacy.


Improving our  donation  to Fulfil projects of any level

  • Sponsor For Food 90% 90%
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  • Sponsor For Book 65% 65%
  • Sponsor For Dress 70% 70%


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If you would like to donate any amount we thank you in advance. All donations are a gift from God to further our cause and save lives.


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If your organization has scholarship program, we would love to connect with you. We are connected to several nonprofit sponsors and would love to bless someone with a scholarship.



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