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In the heart of our mission lies a story of love, loss, and unwavering determination. The Shamika Walker Foundation was born out of a mother's love and a daughter's legacy, a testament to the power of resilience in the face of adversity.

Meet Felicia Ellis, the founder of our foundation, a woman whose life took an unexpected turn in 2017 when her beloved daughter, Shamika Walker, was diagnosed with HPV. It was a diagnosis that came with little information, few options, and a stark absence of hope. Tragically, within weeks, Shamika found herself in the throes of stage 4 Cervical Cancer, a battle she fought valiantly but ultimately succumbed to. Left behind were five children and a mother determined to ensure that others would not face the same fate.

Felicia's unwavering commitment to her daughter's memory and her desire to make a difference have given birth to The Shamika Walker Foundation. At its core, our foundation is driven by the belief that information and access to resources can save lives.

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June 16, 1986-December 4th, 2017

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Our Vision.

The Shamika Walker Foundation is dedicated to eradicating the threat of HPV and cervical cancer through proactive measures of education, prevention, and early detection. Our unwavering commitment is to empower individuals with knowledge and access to life-saving resources, ensuring a world where no one faces the devastation of late-stage cervical cancer.

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Our Mission.

Our vision at The Shamika Walker Foundation is a world where HPV is not a silent menace, but a preventable health concern. We strive to pioneer the eradication of cervical cancer by fostering a global community that values awareness, proactivity, and accessible healthcare for all. Together, we envision a future where cervical cancer is a rare and preventable tragedy.

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Who We Are

The Shamika Walker Foundation is a passionate and dedicated non-profit organization founded by Felicia Ellis in honor of her beloved daughter, Shamika Walker. Our foundation is driven by the memory of Shamika's journey, her untimely passing, and the legacy of her five children. We are a beacon of hope, resilience, and action, driven by the following core principles:

  • Advocacy: We advocate for individuals affected by HPV and cervical cancer, amplifying their voices, and ensuring they receive the support they need.

  • Education: We are committed to educating the public about the risks of HPV and the importance of early detection. We believe knowledge is the first step toward prevention.

  • Outreach: Through strategic partnerships and community engagement, we reach out to those who are at risk, providing them with resources, information, and care packages containing preventative and hygiene products.

  • Research: We support and fund research initiatives focused on HPV and cervical cancer prevention, detection, and treatment. Our aim is to advance medical knowledge and improve patient outcomes.




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The Shamika Walker Foundation is dedicated to making a tangible difference in the fight against HPV and cervical cancer.

Our multifaceted approach includes:

  • Providing comprehensive education and awareness campaigns to inform individuals about HPV, its risks, and the importance of regular screenings.

  • Collaborating with organizations like Planned Parenthood and other healthcare providers to facilitate access to screenings, vaccinations, and preventive care.

  • Donating care packages containing essential preventative and hygiene products to individuals, especially those in underserved communities, to promote good health and encourage early detection.

  • Advocating for policy changes and increased funding for HPV vaccinations, screenings, and research to create a safer, cancer-free future for all.

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Together, with your support and commitment, we can work towards a world where HPV is no longer a silent killer, and cervical cancer is a preventable tragedy.

Join us in our mission to inform, empower, and save lives globally. Together, we can make a difference.

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